Wp Rocket Review: Is It Worth for Caching & Core Web Vitals ?

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Wp Rocket has been a long-standing WordPress plugin with immense technical documentation, covering almost any issue that you might find when using it on WordPress, and Wp Rocket has worked making it compatible with also almost any popular WordPress plugin and themes.

Wp Rocket has also a large development community on Github, covering the most edge issues from WordPress users.

Another advantage of WP Rocket from its opponents might be its UI and UX, which makes it possible even for non-developers to optimize their websites.

Pricing and Features Comparison

A dominant player in the cache plus performance plugins, Wp Rocket has released lots of new features to help improve the Core Web Vitals in WordPress, including new features ‘remove unused CSS’ and updating the delay Javascript feature, which now delays all javascript but not essential ones by default. The list to check for plugin compatibility is free.

These news features have a key function in improving Core Web Vitals even on bloated plugins such as Elementor and other website builders. Wp Rocket also offers beginner-friendly features to improve Web Vitals or your backend(database).

Delay JS until user-interaction✔️
CDN(Rocket CDN $8/month)
Critical CSS✔️
Cloudflare integration✔️
Database Optimization✔️
Lazyload + Image Optimization + WebP✔️ (Imagify $10/mo)
HTML/CSS/JS minification & compression✔️
DNS prefetching, preloading✔️
Remove unused CSS✔️(beta)

The yearly pricing on Wp Rocket plans are:

  • WP Rocket 1 website license: $49
  • WP Rocket 3 websites license: $99
  • WP Rocket Unlimited website license: $249

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Wp Rocket offers a 14-day full refund policy.

Is WP Rocket worth the money?

As page speed has been a ranking algorithm for a while and with the addition of the Core Web Vitals to the page experience update, Wp Rocket can be an important tool for optimizing for SEO.

Its purchase price would be outperformed by the gains and boost it gives on SEO if used correctly to perform Core Web Vitals optimization, with its new features.

Wp Rocket Alternatives

You can consider the following as Wp Rocket alternatives:

Wp RocketNitropackWp OptimizeAutoptimize
Delay JS until user-interaction✔️✔️(Wp Meteor)(Wp Meteor)
CDN(Rocket CDN $9/month)✔️(Choose a CDN)(Choose a CDN)
Critical CSS✔️✔️(Load CSS async)(inline critical CSS)
Cloudflare integration✔️✔️✔️✔️
Database Optimization✔️(Advanced Database Cleaner)✔️(Advanced Database Cleaner)

Core Web Vitals

According to a recent report from httparchive.org, Wp Rocket ranks in the top 2 among other WordPress cache plugins on mobile and desktop Core Web Vitals field data.

The Core Web Vitals Technology report uses field data to get Core Web Vitals metrics and display the number of passing pages with “Good” CWV metrics per technology. Field data is the one used by Google in the ranking algorithm.


How to improve Core Web Vitals with Wp Rocket

Wpalpha has a complete and beginner-friendly guide on improving your Core Web Vitals with Wp Rocket:

How to setup Wp Rocket and Best Settings for Core Web Vitals

RocketCDN, Wp Rocket’s CDN plugin

RocketCDN is Wp Rocket’s CDN. With unique prices of $8.99 a month and $90/yearly, it offers unlimited CDN traffic(at Wp Rocket’s discretion). It also offers integration with Wp Rocket. Rocket CDN is powered by StackPath which has 45 edge locations around the world.

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RocketCDN setup is a simple 1 step task, just activate it after purchase on the Wp Rocket admin panel CDN tab. It also offers integration with Cloudflare.

What’s the difference between Rocket CDN vs Cloudflare

Cloudflare does only proxy the assets at the cache level using its global network of servers, while Rocket CDN servers the static files(CSS/JSS) through its CDN powered by StackPath.

A better comparison would be Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization which serves the static files plus the HTML from its edge servers network. Cloudflare APO is priced at $5/month.

Autoptimize vs Wp Rocket

WP Rocket has quite a lot more features than Autoptimize, including Remove Unused CSS, Critical CSS, and Delay Unused Javascript. You can complement missing features from Autoptimize using free, compatible plugins, such as Wp Meteor.

Wp Rocket vs Asset Cleanup

You can use Asset Cleanup and Wp Rocket together, but avoid enabling overlapping functionalities from both to not cause issues.

Wp Rocket vs Cloudflare

You can use Wp Rocket and Cloudflare together, consider using Wp Rocket recommended settings for better results. For Cloudflare APO, you will need to clean the cache also on the Cloudflare dashboard as it doesn’t have direct integration with its cache.

Wp Rocket vs Jetpack

You can use Jetpack free unlimited image CDN together with Wp Rocket.

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