Top 5 Fastest WordPress themes (Google Core Web Vitals data)

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As the Core Web Vitals takes effect, many website owners are looking for new theme alternatives, as their current ones may fail in Core Web Vitals metrics, including the LCP(Largest Contentful Paint), which analyzes the perceived load speed.

The Core Web Vitals has been also been proven to help increase conversation rates alongside being part of the page experience algorithm. Choosing a theme with “Good” metrics could give you a headstart on competitors.

Luckily there’s now a UI tool to visualize and compare themes by fastest loading speed time using Core Web Vitals data, provided by Chrome UX Report (CrUX) dataset and HTTP Archive technology.

The Core Web Vitals Technology report uses field data to get Core Web Vitals metrics and display the number of passing pages with “Good” CWV metrics per technology. Field data is the one used by Google in the ranking algorithm.

Wordpress Themes with Origins having good CWV mobile 6
WordPress fastest performing themes on mobile – Core Web Vitals Technology report

In comparison, when testing themes with a single run analysis in speed testing tools such as Gtmetrix, you get synthetic data, which is just a set of conditions of device and connection settings that tries to simulate a real end-user.

Fastest WordPress themes rank

Here’s a leaderboard of the top WordPress themes ordered by Core Web Vitals performance on mobile as of June 2022:

ThemeGood Core Web Vitals (%)Woocommerce Support
Kadence39%Shop Kit (Pro theme)
GeneratePress37%Full Customization (Pro theme)
Blocksy32%Customization(Free theme) + Wishlist (Pro theme)
Genesis theme31%
WordPress(all themes)28,7%

An origin is all data present for all pages in that origin, aggregated together, either HTTP or HTTPS.

An eligible origin is if it has enough Core Web Vitals CRUx data. A good Core Web Vitals data is a page with a ‘Good’ metric within the 75th percentile of page loads, segmented across mobile and desktop devices, but in this case, we filtered by mobile metrics.


download 2
Kadence “UR Band” starter theme template

Kadence is a free theme with the following features:

  • Header and Footer builder.
  • Custom Layout: sidebars, full-width, etc.
  • Global styling.

Kadence Pro Features

Kadence Pro functionalities are Header Addons, Hooked Elements(Hooks), Ultimate Menu, and Woocommerce Addons. Other Kadence features include:

  • Drag & Drop option with 10+ elements
  • Live Editing, and more.
  • Templates library to bootstrap your website project.

Kadence is available with the following pricing options:

  • Kadence Theme: Free
  • Kadence Pro unlimited site(1y support): $59/year
  • Kadence Theme Pro + Blocks + Pro templates: $129/year
  • Kadence Theme Pro + Blocks + Pro templates + Cloud + Child theme + Shop Kit + AMP: $199/year


download 3
GeneratePress “Stream” starter theme template

GeneratePress is a well-known theme of WordPress. Using the combination of GeneratePress Premium and the premium GenerateBlocks plugin, the possibilities for layout and styling are infinite.

The free GP version offers:

  • Custom Layout: full-width or contained divs, etc.
  • Typography.

GeneratePress Premium features

  • Theme Builder: using GeneratePress Premium and GenerateBlocks plugin(free), you can visually build every aspect of your website.
  • Site Library: a set of different templates to kickstart your site.
  • Woocommerce options.
  • Hooks.

GeneratePress Premium also offers a library with a bunch of templates to kickstart your website layout. GP offers the following pricing options:

  • GeneratePress theme: Free
  • GeneratePress premium up to 500 websites(1y support): 59$/year
  • GeneratePress premium up to 500 websites(lifetime support): $249


download 4
Blocksy Pro “Gadgets” starter theme template.

Blocksy is a Gutenberg-ready and lightweight theme. The Blocksy Free theme features include:

  • Header builder.
  • Footer builder.
  • WooCommerce features: AJAX add-to-cart button, advanced archive, and single product layouts.
  • Trending and related posts module.
  • Cookies notice and Woocommerce support.

Blocksy Pro features

  • Content Blocks and Hooks: Create blocks and display them on a list of locations.
  • Adobe & Google Fonts.
  • Mega menu
  • Conditional sidebars, headers, and footers. Show only when needed.
  • WooCommerce features: Wishlist.


  • Blocksy theme: Free
  • Blocksy Pro 1 site license: $49/year
  • Blocksy Pro unlimited sites: $99/year

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