Best 5 Wordpress Block(Gutenberg) Themes

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The block theme usage in Wordpress is growing. So are the diverse options for them.

They offer enhanced flexibility and customization options mostly found in page-builders but are leaner, resulting in improved performance and even lower hosting costs. Many established Wordpress companies are building block plugins or block themes(FSE). BrainstomForce recently released Spectra One for free.

Block themes also may drastically reduce the costs related to hosting, as they use a sophisticated asset-loading strategy, compared to classic themes.

Many consider it the future of WordPress website development, with new and exciting themes born full-website-editing(FSE themes) ready.

A block theme that offers a pattern library with many options has an advantage. Pattern and full-page patterns speed up the creation process and are very helpful if you don’t have any coding knowledge.

YITH Wonder

This theme offers many patterns to enhance your Woocommerce website. It also offers full-page patterns(website/template layouts).

It doesn’t require installing a block plugin to use its patterns, it leverages the block editor(Gutenberg) capabilities for the blocks.


The Ollie theme is a block theme that offers +50 patterns. To view its pattern list, you need to install the theme, add a block, browse all, and explore all patterns.

Spectra One

The Spectra One theme is the creators of the popular Astra theme first block theme. It’s free and comes with a handful of patterns and full-page patterns. Other features are:

  • Sidebar support
  • Header options; Sticky, Transparent, or both
  • 9 Global Styles; 9 different beautifully crafted color palettes


Created by WP Engine, Frost is a Full Site Editing theme that offers numerous patterns to build your block-based website. The patterns included are:

  • Call-to-Action
  • Featured Boxes
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Hero Section
  • Homepage: import a full page layout.
  • Link Page
  • Podcast Episode
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing Table
  • Team Members
  • Testimonials


Aino is a new full-site editing theme. It offers numerous patterns for a quick start of design. Aino also offers a paid Woocommerce block theme Mugistore for $59

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