Kadence vs Elementor: Block plugins or page-builders?

kadence vs elementor

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Wordpress is entering a new era, as full-site editing (FSE) arrives. Building with blocks will become popular, and more developers will adapt to this new option to build websites, which keeps the website way faster than website builders but has the user experience to let regular users create their entire website using blocks.

Many established Wordpress companies are building block plugins or block themes(FSE). BrainstomForce released Spectra One and Yith launched the Yith Wonder theme, both free.

Established websites are also going from using website builders to block plugins and FSE themes, as building using blocks may offer the same flexibility and easiness of use as website builders.

With that in mind, should you use Kadence Blocks and Kadence over a page-builder(Elementor)?

Kadence vs Elementor

Both products could be seen as very different use cases, but with the arrival of Kadence Blocks, the functionality gap is now in the details, as Kadence Blocks offers 10 custom blocks and the Pro version +40 blocks. Elementor offers +150 custom blocks.

FeatureKadence Theme & BlocksElementor
Woocommerce WidgetsOnly Shop Kit24
Dynamic DataYes + ToolsetACF, Meta, Toolset & Pods
Free versionYesYes

As for the Kadence theme, he is currently one of the few popular themes with better Core Web Vitals metrics – and speed – than GeneratePress, making it one of the fastest classic themes. It’s a free theme that also doesn’t yet offer full FSE compatibility, but you achieve everything of FSE using its features:

  • Header and Footer builder.
  • Custom Layout: sidebars, full-width, etc.
  • Global styling.

Elementor offers Theme Builder only at Pro plans(starts at $59y).

Kadence Blocks is also a free plugin, meant to build websites with blocks, extending Gutenberg’s capabilities.

The Kadence plugins are only offered at unlimited website conditions, and it is reflected in their pricing, with the lowest plan at $69/year. A design library is also provided in this plan.

Elementor offers Woocommerce support even at $59/y for 1 site. Kadence offers Woocommerce products only at a separate plan called Shop Kit, priced at $79/y for unlimited websites. 


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