Core Web Vitals Optimization on field data.

I will develop a plan of action and optimize your Wordpress Core Web Vitals to pass on field data.

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Get to know Wpalpha’s WordPress Speed Optimization Process

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With years of research, we perform what is necessary to optimize your website. More than 50 performance tasks are done on the Core Web Vitals project, including:

✔️ Javascript Optimization

✔️ CSS Optimization

✔️ CDN setup

✔️ Advanced lazyload

✔️ Critical CSS setup

✔️ Remove unused CSS

✔️ Preload

We use industry top plugins. No bloat or unnecessary coding.

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What makes a WordPress Speed Optimization Service a good deal?

Many services and freelancers lack results on the new and real ranking algorithm, Core Web Vitals. 

Having results in Core Web Vitals will guarantee you the boost on mobile and desktop SEO algorithms, once the pages pass the metrics.

The lack of post-project support also does cause lots of issues on the website, as many services do only use a ‘trick’ to delay javascript execution to score on Pagespeed, and Google seems to be ok with that too. See this issue for proof.

The industry evolves and having a service that does evolve together and has attention to industry best standards is key to having a WordPress site ranking and getting traffic.