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Our Recent Successful Projects

Including Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed Optimization.

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Flowxo had some Core Web Vitals issues, mostly ‘poor’ mobile LCP, and CLS. Flowxo also uses Elementor as a theme.

We improved their Core Web Vitals to pass all the 3 metrics(LCP, CLS, and FID) on most of the pages.

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Brandedbridgeline.com had a low Pagespeed score. After our optimization, it’s scoring 97 using the Elementor theme.

We improved the Core Web Vitals for all pages and had 100% green metrics on Search Console.

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Breatheeasyins.com had a website with a low Pagespeed score and didn’t pass in any Core Web Vitals metric.

After our optimization, it’s passing all Core Web Vitals and score 90/100.

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