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Website Speed Optimization for customers,not just Pagespeed

Get Core Web Vitals optimized to pass on field data. Improve conversion rates & UX.


“Pedro’s knowledge is impressive and he offered lots of good tips our web devs implemented to make our core web vitals better.”

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Case Studies

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Core Web Vitals


We audited Saintsinner’s ecommerce with Lighthouse and found a lot of room to optimize its speed.

After applying them, the site improved LCP by +55% and now passes the metrics.

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Core Web Vitals


We consulted with Leapfin and found that the way they used combine CSS/JS was negatively affecting slow connections and the overall CWV.

After removing combine feature and applying other optimizations, the site improved mobile LCP by 22% and now passes the metrics.

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Core Web Vitals

Shopify was paying for a Shopify speed optimization app for months and never passed the Core Web Vitals.

We removed the speed app and after applying our optimizations, the site improved LCP and CLS to pass the metrics.

I have been optimizing Wordpress(and other platforms) websites since 2019.

I started writing WpAlpha blog to share the tips and processes I used with my clients, including Wordpress Speed Optimization as I saw there was not good and readable content regarding it.


  • Jetpack Boost Review: How does it compare to others

    Jetpack Boost is Automattic’s plugin to improve Wordpress performance. It optimizes the performance by addressing one of the main speed issues of Wordpress sites, which is loading unused CSS. Jetpack can be a complement to websites that use the hosting proprietary speed optimization plugins or compatible performance plugins with no overlapping features. It’s currently the…

  • Fastest Shopify themes & best user-experience

    Fastest Shopify themes & best user-experience

    Core Web Vitals is here, and it not only gives a website better results in SEO but has also been proven to help increase conversation rates. Choosing a theme with the best Core Web Vitals metrics could give you a large advantage, whether your store sells clothes, books, or anything else. Check the fastest Shopify themes…

  • Does Elementor slow down your site & How to improve speed

    Elementor is currently one of the preferred choices for building websites without writing code. But what is the real cost of building upon Elementor when weighing speed, and performance? Elementor recently added features to improve speed, but as the Core Web Vitals update takes place, a new challenge appears. Can a website have green metrics…

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