Wordpress Core Web Vitals Optimization on field data.

Optimize Core Web Vitals to pass on field data and improve your conversion rates & UX

Case Studies

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Core Web Vitals


We audited Saintsinner’s ecommerce with Lighthouse and found some optimizations.

After applying them, the site improved LCP by +55% and now passes the metrics.

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Core Web Vitals


We consulted with Leapfin and found that the way they used combine CSS/JS was negatively affecting slow connections and the overall CWV.

After removing combine feature and applying other optimizations, the site improved mobile LCP by 22% and now passes the metrics.

Core Web Vitals


We worked with one of the largest independent country music artists.

The site had very poor Core Web Vitals. Now it passes on desktop and mobile metrics.


✔️Core Web Vitals projects that pass on field data

⚠️No Pagespeed hacks. Stop wasting money and effort chasing scores.

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I’m Pedro, and I have been optimizing Wordpress(and other platforms) websites since 2019.

I started this blog to improve Wordpress Speed Optimization as I saw there was a gap in this area.

Find the best speed optimization solution for your business

We track all project hours.

WordPress Core Web Vitals Optimization

LCP and CLS issues.


The average project length is 6 hours(tracked).

  • JS Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • CDN setup
  • Advanced lazyload
  • Critical CSS
  • Remove unused CSS & JS
  • Advanced Preloading
  • Caching Optimization

Backend Optimization

Core Web Vitals Consulting

Recommended for agencies and large websites.


  • Get actionable advice to fix Core Web Vitals.
  • CLS and LCP issues.
  • INP(beta).
  • Core Web Vitals monitoring(optional).

Demonstration document

Make the Core Web Vitals algorithm work for you. Improve UX, CR, and SEO.