WordPress Core Web Vitals Optimization with field data.

Optimize your WordPress Core Web Vitals to pass on field data


Our Core Web Vitals projects pass on field data

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I’m Pedro, and I have been optimizing WordPress(and other platforms) websites since 2019.

I started this blog to improve WordPress Speed Optimization as I saw there was a gap in this area.

Find the best speed optimization solution for your business

WordPress Pagespeed Optimization

Improve Pagespeed.


  • JS Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • Lazyload

WordPress Core Web Vitals Optimization

LCP, CLS, and FID issues.


  • JS Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • CDN setup
  • Advanced lazyload
  • Critical CSS
  • Remove unused CSS & JS
  • Advanced Preloading
  • Caching Optimization

Backend Optimization

Core Web Vitals Consulting

Full website consulting. Recommended for agencies and large websites.


  • Full Core Web Vitals reporting on all issues: CLS, LCP, and FID.
  • Core Web Vitals monitoring(optional).

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