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Wpalpha is the only WordPress optimization service with Core Web Vitals field data.

Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed Optimization Course

If you are reading this you probably want to optimize Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed but do not need to pay for optimization services.

I’m launching a detailed Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed Optimization course for you. Both WordPress and non-Wordpress websites.

All info in the course is data-oriented, you won’t get a one-run Gtmetrix test for the fastest theme or fastest hosting tips-like.

WordPress Pagespeed Optimization

Improve Pagespeed.


  • JS Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • Lazyload

WordPress Core Web Vitals Optimization

LCP, CLS, and FID issues.


  • JS Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • CDN setup
  • Advanced lazyload
  • Critical CSS
  • Remove unused CSS & JS
  • Advanced Preloading
  • Caching Optimization

Core Web Vitals Consulting and Auditing

Full website audit. For agencies and large websites.

  • Full Core Web Vitals reporting on all issues: CLS, LCP, and FID.
  • Core Web Vitals monitoring(optional).

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Our Core Web Vitals projects pass on field data

No Pagespeed hacks

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Helping Companies Increase Sales and Lead Generation

+50 projects rated 5 stars!

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WordPress Core Web Vitals Optimization

The new Google Page Experience algorithm introduces 4 signals, with Core Web Vitals as the most complex.

The Core Web Vitals are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), with Interaction to Next Paint (INP) being an experimental metric as Google says they intend to update the page experience signals on an annual basis.

We are the most advanced Core Web Vitals optimization service with field data from our clients. We optimized the most popular themes, such as Elementor, Divi and many others.



Do your services break my website layout or functionality?

I use automated tests from modern frontend tools for visual and functionalities testing. No layout changes need to have a good-performing website.

How many days to complete the service?

It takes usually 2 to 5 days to finish the projects.

What is your process?

Please, go down here for our process.

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WordPress Pagespeed Optimization

Many services and freelancers offer Pagespeed services but do lack results on the new and actual ranking algorithm, Core Web Vitals. 

Not only this, but many WordPress pagespeed developers will cause a lot of issues on your website, as they use a ‘trick’ to delay javascript, or use HTTP lighthouse headers trick to score on Pagespeed.

Having results in Core Web Vitals will guarantee you the boost on mobile and desktop SEO algorithms, once the pages pass the metrics.

Interested in Core Web Vitals audit?

WordPress Speed Optimization Process Breakdown

  1. Access to your website and the following credentials are needed: WordPress Admin, Hosting, Cloudflare, Cpanel, SFTP(FTP), and further credentials. I will need a login created(preferable) for me in each of the required platforms. If you have an in-house developer that can apply the changes from the staging website, you don’t need to share the credentials.
  2. Create a staging website for testing.
  3. You will choose how some elements will load. You could need a chat plugin, or an advertising plugin to not run later, which could affect leads or revenue. If your userbase is mainly desktop(90% above) you can also choose to load all Javascript delayed. The mobile menu can be affected, but your desktop users will get a boost on loading.
  4. Your website won’t have any elements with visual differences or functionality. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari – mobile and desktop- visual testing & review on pages.
  5. An after and before performance screenshot will be made for comparison.
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