Top 5 Fastest Woocommerce Themes

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When starting an online store many people may choose Shopify over Woocommerce, and one of the motives may be that Shopify has a more robust technology stack which allows it to have better results with customers buying and navigating faster on the store.

But choosing a fast Woocommerce theme that produces large margins and improves your user experience inst that hard.

Below is a list of the fastest Woocommerce themes ranked by Core Web Vitals metric Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) on mobile:


download 2 pattern
Kadence “UR Band” starter theme template

Kadence is a free theme with the following features:

  • Header and Footer builder.
  • Custom Layout: sidebars, full-width, etc.
  • Global styling.

Kadence ranks in the top 2 on the Core Web Vitals Technology report, ordered by performance on mobile. It has “Good” Core Web Vitals metrics on 37% of website URLs.

Kadence Pro

Kadence Pro features are Header Addons, Hooked Elements(Hooks), Ultimate Menu, Woocommerce addons, and Shop Kit. Other Kadence features include:

  • Drag & Drop option with 10+ elements
  • Live Editing, and more.
  • Templates library to bootstrap your website project.


Kadence is available with the following pricing options:

  • Kadence Theme: Free
  • Kadence Pro unlimited site(1y support): $59/year
  • Kadence Theme Pro + Blocks + Pro templates: $129/year
  • Kadence Theme Pro + Blocks + Pro templates + Cloud + Child theme + Shop Kit + AMP: $199/year
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks (needs Gutenberg): Free


gp theme woocommerce
GP theme and Woocommerce website example

GeneratePress offers a free version of its theme with limited usage, but it has the same speed gains as its premium theme.

generatepress example 1
GP theme and GP block mobile website example
generatepress example menu 1
GP theme and GP block mobile website example menu

GeneratePress Free

  • Custom Layout: full-width or contained divs, etc.
  • Typography.
  • Remove all GP Customizer options: remove customization from the admin interface.

GeneratePress Pro

  • Full Customization
  • Import / Export layout
  • Site Library: Multiple pre-built themes.
  • Backgrounds: Set background images for various HTML elements.
  • Blog: Set blog options like infinite scroll, masonry layouts, and more.
  • Elements: Use the block editor theme builder, build advanced HTML hooks, Layout control, and control elements page appearance using hooks.
  • Menu Plus: Set up a mobile header, sticky navigation, or off-canvas panel.
  • Secondary Nav: Add fully-featured secondary navigation to your site.
  • Typography, color options.


blocksy theme example

Ranked as one of the best-performing WordPress themes on the Core Web Vitals Technology report.

blocksy theme example 2
blocksy theme example 3

Blocksy Free theme features include:

  • Header builder.
  • Footer builder.
  • WooCommerce features: AJAX add to cart button, advanced archive, and single product layouts.
  • Trending and related posts module.
  • Cookies notice and Woocommerce support.

Blocksy Pro

Blocksy Pro theme features are as follows:

  • Content Blocks and Hooks: Create blocks and display them on a list of locations.
Blocksy Content Blocks
Blocksy Content Blocks and Hooks
  • Adobe & Google Fonts.
  • Mega menu
  • Conditional sidebars, headers, and footers. Show only when needed.
  • WooCommerce features: Wishlist.


  • Blocksy theme: Free
  • Blocksy Pro 1 site license: $49/year
  • Blocksy Pro unlimited sites: $99/year

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