Flyingpress Review: How it compares to Nitropack & WP Rocket

Flyingpress is a caching plugin, developed by the creator of the Flying Script plugin, and website 

Flyingpress main difference from other caching plugins may be their newly released features such as Prioritize Resources that directly improve the LCP(largest contentful paint) Core Web Vitals. LCP is one metric where Wordpress falls apart from other technologies.

FlyingPress also offers another tool to optimize LCP, such as lazyload, with the option to exclude in the interface above-the-fold images. Most lazyload plugins improperly lazyloads above-the-fold images, compromising the LCP metric.

Another newly and powerful released feature is Cloudflare APO compatibility. Competitors may lack this feature.

FlyingPress has also all the features of caching-performance plugins such as Remove Unused CSS, Delay JS or Defer, and Database Optimization. Other main features:

  • Critical CSS
  • Minify
  • Optimize Google Fonts: Self-host, combine and preload Google Fonts.
  • Reduce CLS feature: Add missing width and height attributes to images.

FlyingPress recently fixed a broken access control vulnerability in its plugin.

FlyingPress offers a CDN addon powered by BunnyCDN starting at $3/month for 100GB/bandwidth usage.

Flyingpress Vs Alternatives

Nitropack, Wp Rocket, and FlyingPress all offer Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals features. When comparing user experience, Nitropack has the advantage of offering a full solution with an integrated CDN, that requires no setup or configurations. This reflects in its pricing thought, with the cheapest tier starting at $17.20/month(1-year plan). 

FlyingPress offers a CDN addon powered by BunnyCDN starting at $3/month for 100GB/bandwidth usage. Wp Rocket offers RocketCDN(StackPath) addon for $9/month.

If you’re thinking about switching here’s the full 1-year price of all of them:

  • WP Rocket 1 website license: $59/year plus CDN(price varies)
  • FlyingPress 1 site: $60/year
  • Nitropack 50.000 pageviews/mo limit(25GB max bandwidth): $199/year*
  • FlyingPress 1 site $60/year + FlyingCDN $36 (3$/mo) 100GB/limit: $96/year
  • WP Rocket 3 websites license: $119/year plus CDN(price varies)

*Exclusive 5% Nitropack discount for Wpalpha readers.

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