Wp Optimize vs Wp Rocket: Their real differences

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Wp Optimize and Wp Rocket are plugin solutions aiming at WordPress Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals Optimization. What is the best solution for improving your WordPress website speed and who has the best price?

One of the main differences between Wp Optimize and Wp Rocket is that due to its open-source nature, Wp Rocket may have more features than Wp Optimize, because of the feedback loop.

Wp Rocket recently launched many features not available on Wp Optimize including Remove Unused CSS, Critical CSS, and Delay Unused Javascript. These Wp Rocket features are very helpful for Core Web Vitals optimization.

Wp Rocket also has a page with plenty of integrations, between plugins and popular themes.

Features and price comparison

FunctionalityWp RocketWp Optimize Premium
JS Optimization✔️Partial
Critical CSS✔️✔️
Cloudflare integration✔️✔️
Database Optimization✔️✔️
Image Optimization(Imagify $10/mo)✔️
CDN Integration✔️Partial

Wp Rocket has a page with plenty of integrations, between plugins and major/popular themes.

The pricing of each product is as follows:

  • WP Rocket 1 website license: $59/year
  • Wp Optimize 2 websites, 1-year plan: $49/year
  • WP Rocket 3 websites license: $119/year
  • Wp Optimize unlimited websites: $199/year
  • WP Rocket Unlimited website license: $299/year

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