Wp Optimize Premium Review: Is It Better than Wp Rocket?

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Wp Optimize is a plugin alternative to free cache plugins, and also an option in the paid Wordpress performance and cache plugins field.

✨Best user-friendly alternative: Wp Rocket

Best Alternative: Perfmatters

Wp Rocket and Perfmatters plugins have better results than Wp Optimize.

Wp Optimize free offers unique features that directly improve the Pagespeed such as loading CSS asynchronously and Google fonts/Font Awesome optimization, alongside CSS and JS minification/combination.

It also offers Mobile-specific cache, Database Optimization, and Image Optimization which are features most seen on paid cache/performance plugins, on the free version.

Wp Optimize Premium

One of the main features of Wp Optimize Premium is image compressing, alongside Preload key requests. The remaining features of Wp optimize premium are as follows:

  • Multisite support
  • Optimize individual database tables
  • Scheduling database optimizing
  • Enhanced logging and reporting
  • Multilingual and multi-currency compatible caching
  • Geolocation and tax country for WooCommerce stores
  • Compatible with tracking queries (utm_*)
  • Cloudflare Integration

Wp Optimize can be used alongside other plugins such as Flying Scripts or Jetpack Boost to complement features to improve Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed.

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