Wp Rocket vs Litespeed Cache: Different Value Propositions

Wp Rocket vs Litespeed Cache 1

Wp Rocket and Litespeed cache are both speed optimizations, but may have completely different value propositions and may be aimed at different use cases.

✨Winner: Wp Rocket

Best Alternative: Perfmatters

Litespeed cache has better results with request timing. If request time response is critical in your website, consider LiteSpeed and the Litespeed cache plugin. Many examples of sites fall into that category, mainly ecommerce, a forum, or an informational site that uses API.

In feature comparison, the Litespeed Cache plugin offers many backend and server-level optimizations, while WP Rocket is focused on frontend optimizations, including features addressing the Core Web Vitals.

FunctionalityLitespeed CacheWp Rocket
Improves LCP✔️✔️
Better handling of concurrent users✔️
Advanced Caching✔️
Delay JS✔️
Load JS deferred✔️✔️
Built-in CDN✔️✔️
Critical CSS✔️✔️
Cloudflare APO integration✔️
Database Optimization✔️✔️
Lazyload + Image Optim. + WebP✔️❌(Imagify $10/mo)
Remove unused CSS✔️
Plugin Integration +27+116

As told, if you have a site where there are many concurrent users, you may use a Litespeed server. Compared to another server module (Nginx), it handles better the requests and uses fewer resources.

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Litespeed has a list of hosting providers. Liquid Web and Hostinger are both options with the best hosting metrics data(TTFB).

One of the main differences between Wp Rocket and Litespeed cache is that you can only use Litespeed cache on Litespeed servers, but Wp Rocket is compatible with many servers, including LiteSpeed servers. WP Rocket is also compatible with the Litespeed cache, you can use both.

Generally speaking, Litespeed cache is way behind Wp Rocket regarding integration with plugins, even the most popular. For example, Wp Rocket solved 73 Elementor-related issues(and counting). Litespeed cache still has issues with many plugins.

If you have a page-builder such as Elementor, it might be worth using Wp Rocket, for these two reasons: overall compatibility and features.

As for user interface, Wp Rocket might have a better user experience and interface.

For pricing, Litespeed is free as long you’re in a hosting that offers a Litespeed server. Wp Rocket starts at $59 for 1 site.

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