10web booster review: How it compares to speed plugins


10web currently offers the 10web booster as part of their products. 10web booster is a all-in-one plugin optimization. It offers all the popular features of a speed plugin, including caching, critical CSS, and image optimization.

✨Best Alternative: Wp Rocket

The plugin’s main features are CDN, Full page caching on edge network, and image optimization.

10web has products similar to Nitropack, another speed plugin, but has plans with lower pricing. Both plugins aim to take the overhead work of having many plugins doing different things. Sites with fewer plugins correlate with better speed.

Another difference is that Nitropack now offers features to improve INP, the newest Core Web Vitals metrics. It’s the second metric in which sites most need improvement, after LCP.

If you don’t know, Core Web Vitals are the new standard in page experience and speed.

10web booster vs Alternatives

Nitropack, Wp Rocket, and 10webBooster all offer Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals features.

Nitropack and 10web Booster offer a full solution with an integrated CDN requiring no setup or configuration. This reflects its pricing thought.

Even as Wp Rocket doesn’t offer a built-in CDN, their metrics have proven that it isn’t a big factor, as it almost has the same speed results as Nitropack.

Functionality10web BoosterWp RocketNitropack
Improves LCP✔️✔️✔️
Improves INP✔️
Improves CLS✔️✔️
Built-in CDN✔️❌ (Use Bunny CDN)✔️
Critical CSS✔️✔️✔️
Cloudflare APO integrationCloudflare Enterprise✔️Cloudflare Enterprise
Database Optimization❌(Use Advanced Database Cleaner)✔️❌(Use Advanced Database Cleaner)
Lazyload + Image Optim. + WebP✔️❌(Use Imagify $10/mo)✔️
Remove unused CSS✔️✔️

If you’re thinking about switching here’s the full 1-year price of all of them:

  • Wp Rocket 1 site: $59
  • 10web 1 site unlim. pageviews 100GB CDN: $72
  • 10web 3 site unlim. pageviews 200GB CDN: $180
  • Nitropack 50.000 pageviews/mo limit(25GB max bandwidth): $199
  • Wp Rocket 1 site $59 + $100 Imagify + CDN: $159 plus CDN price
  • Nitropack 200.000 pageviews/mo limit(100GB max bandwidth): $485

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