Top Shopify Speed Optimization Services: Avoid being fooled

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Shopify is one of the best-ranked CMS regarding page speed. However, some stores may still need extra speed optimization to improve their metrics.

One of the first places that comes to mind to get help is freelancer sites, such as Upwork and Fiverr. They offer a variety of options—cheap and fast results. 

However, the rise of sophisticated Shopify speed optimization scams has made it harder to decide to hire a service.

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Learn how to spot the difference between real and fake Shopify speed optimization services. Also, discover the top 5 Shopify Speed Optimization services, including freelancers and productized services.

How to find a real Shopify Speed Optimization Service

1 – Check their case studies

Every Shopify speed Service Expert will have a case study that can be audited by 3rd-party tools. Use Treo to see if the case studies are real. Treo displays Crux data, the one Google collects for the algorithm.

Shopify speed services may offer Pagespeed optimization, which is just Lighthouse’s navigation mode optimization, differing a lot from Core Web Vitals optimization.

If you’re in search of a legitimate Shopify Core Web Vitals Optimization service, check their case studies projects Core Web Vitals history. That way you confirm they are real.

2 – Check the freelancer’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers a lot of insights from the prospects regarding their ability and previous work.

3 – Don’t be fooled by freelancer site’s reviews or reviews sites

Freelancer site reviews can be easily gamed. Some sites such as Upwork even allow freelancers to delete bad reviews, making it difficult to see the freelancer’s real abilities.

Review sites on the other hand can be gamed by buying good ratings.

Top 3 Shopify Speed Optimization Services

The services are listed in no particular order.

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Pedro, the founder of WpAlpha, has +5 years of experience speeding up sites. Also created a free Wordpress pattern tool

Wpalpha has many case studies, including Shopify speed optimization case studies.


Arjen, the freelancer behind is a speed Expert veteran and behind many useful tools, such as CLS visualizer which has 8k users.

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Erwin, another speed optimization veteran. Also runs Rum Vision, one of the top RUM tools. He offers Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals consulting.

Get your Shopify Core Web Vitals optimized and your pages faster!

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