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Choosing a fast Wordpress hosting is hard. Comparing their speed and metrics is even more confusing. What if there’s a metric that could quantify how fast a Wordpress hosting serves a website?

Time to First Byte is a metric that measures the server response when loading a page. It’s a Google Web Vital metric alongside First Contentful Paint(FCP).

The Core Web Vitals alongside other metrics form the new Google Page Experience SEO algorithm. Choosing technologies with great Core Web Vitals metrics will make your website have better results in SEO.

Time to First Byte (TTFB) has a lot of influence on the Largest Contentful Paint(LCP), affecting your website ranking on the Google Page Experience algorithm, alongside other metrics.

By improving your TTFB, you’ll also improve your overall page speed – a Google ranking factor since 2010 for desktop and mobile since 2018 – and the LCP metric.

Why does having good TTFB matter? The correlation between Good TTFB and Good CWV is high and indicates that the better TTFB the higher chances of succeeding in having Good Core Web Vitals Metrics:

How would a rank be made with this metric? We can use Google data as a measurement. Take a look at the leaderboard of the top WordPress hosting separated globally.

Fastest WordPress Hosting France Rank

GoDaddy has the best overall server response metrics(TTFB) in France.

TechnologyPercent good TTFBPrice starts at
Liquid Web37,12%$14.70/month
WP Engine33,33%

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