Spectra vs Elementor: Is Spectra enough to build full sites?

elementor vs spectra

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Spectra is Brainstormforce’s (creator of the popular Astra theme) new block editor plugin.

✨Winner: Elementor

Fastest Alternative: Bricks

🛒Best Woocommerce Alternative: Breakdance

The plugin leverages Gutenberg to add other functionalities. In total it adds 28 new blocks, including:

  • Flexbox Containers
  • Slider

Spectra Pro offers the following extra functionality: 

  • Instagram Feed block
  • Login Form
  • Loop Builder
  • Registration Form

Elementor offers fewer blocks in its free plan in comparison and offers more blocks in the Pro plan.

Due to its popularity, Elementor has a vast catalog of themes and templates, mostly from 3rd-party developers. Spectra has a library of templates with many free starter templates.

Spectra is better compared to Elementor in terms of speed. 

Woocommerce Widgets24
3rd-Party Addons+25
Dynamic Data ACF, Pods, and Meta BoxACF, Meta, Toolset & Pods
Best Speed✔️
Free versionYesYes
  • Spectra 1 site: $49/year
  • Spectra 1000 sites: $69/year
  • Elementor 1 site (+Woocommerce blocks): $59/year
  • Elementor: 1000 sites: $399/year 


Spectra is a block plugin from the creators of the Astra theme. It offers a variety of paid and free full-page patterns – also known as website/layout templates – for Woocommerce and many other industries:

Spectra Pro

The Spectra Pro block plugins offer enhancements, such as:

  • Dynamic Content; ACF, PODS, and Meta Box
  • Loop Builder; displays posts and pages based on custom parameters
  • Popup Builder and Modals
  • Animations, Image Gallery, Instagram Block
  • Slider Pro
  • User Registration and User Login form customization


Elementor is one of the most popular ways to build a website quickly and currently powers 10% of all websites on the internet.

Elementor recently started offering hosting solutions bundled with their plugin, starting at only $36/year, or with a Basic plan that includes a Pro plugin for $120/year.

Elementor has made large steps in addressing the performance issue of its plugin and even collaborated with Google contributors to improve it.

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