Nitropack 2021 review

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Nitropack WordPress solution offers integrated CDN and an all-in-one plugin for increasing or improving Pagespeed and speed score. We take a depth look at Nitropack features and summarize some of its initial setup, including all 5 Nitropack optimization levels.

How to use Nitropack

First, create a Nitropack account and choose what plan you’re going with. NItropack will check if your website is registered. Download and install the plugin. Please notice, some hosting may need additional cache configuration and integration, including WP Engine, Cloudways, or Kinsta, read more on Nitropack documentation. If your website has Cloudflare, reverse-proxy, or Sucuri you can integrate it on the integration tab on Nitropack.

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Consider backup-ing and set up a staging website for testing Nitropack.

If you’re going to use Nitropack free plan, your website will have the Nitropack promotional footer and a 5k visit limit.

Nitropack optimization levels settings

NItropack offers 5 optimization levels, one of them which is manual, allowing to set up manually all of the Nitropack options. For testing Nitropack, enable the “Safe Mode” and test the pages optimized adding ?testnitro=1 to your URLs.

Remove any plugins with overlapping features, such as lazy load or cache, to avoid issues. Also, check for incompatible plugins.

Delay JS until user-interaction✔️
Critical CSS✔️
Cloudflare integration✔️
Database Optimization
Lazyload + Image Optimization + WebP✔️
HTML/CSS/JS minification & compression✔️
DNS prefetching, preloading✔️
Remove unused CSS ✔️ (Reduce Unused CSS)

Enable the optimization level that suits your website and use “Safe Mode” and ?testnitro=1 appended on URLs for troubleshooting:

If you have problems using Ludricous mode, consider switching to a lighter optimization level and install a compatible plugin to remove unused Javascript manually.

BuiltWith shows that Nitropack had strong growth in website usage, including on the top 100k rank websites.

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Nitropack pricing

The pricing in a 1-year time span on Nitropack would be as follows:

  • Nitropack 50.000 pageviews/mo limit(25GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: $210 USD
  • Nitropack 5.000 pageviews/mo limit(1GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: FREE
  • Nitropack 200.000 pageviews/mo limit(100GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: $510 USD
  • Nitropack 1.000.000 pageviews/mo limit(500GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: $1760 USD

Those are approximate figures.

Nitropack vs Competitors

Nitropack has similar functionalities as some caching and performance plugins, but it takes advantage of integrated CDN to deliver a full and complete caching + performance solution. Consider reading our article comparison between Wp Rocket and Nitropack before picking up a winner.

You can read our article for more options of caching and performance plugins for WordPress here. The list includes the plugins:

  • Wp Rocket
  • Nitropack
  • Wp Optimize
  • Cloudflare APO
  • Autoptimize

Nitropack and Yoast compatibility

You can use Nitropack and Yoast as both plugins are compatible.

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