Top 3 Fastest Hello theme Alternatives

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The Hello theme is a free starter theme shipped to work with Elementor, with minimal styling. Even as Elementor and 3-party providers offer free website kits and templates that can be used with the Hello theme it may not be everyone’s choice.

If you want a lightweight but more flexible alternative to the Hello theme to use as a starter or just a child theme of Elementor, take a look at the list below with the top Hello theme alternatives.

All alternatives have better Largest Contentful Paint(LCP) than the Hello theme. LCP is becoming the standard regarding page load time in the Google algorithm. It stands for perceived load time in the Core Web Vitals metrics.

Using a faster Hello theme alternative for Elementor has a lot of benefits.


kadence theme and elementor website example
Kadence theme and Elementor website example

Kadence is currently one of the fastest theme alternatives. Kadence is one of the few popular themes with better Core Web Vitals metrics – and speed – than GeneratePress. Kadence free theme features:

  • Header and Footer builder.
  • Custom Layout: sidebars, full-width, etc.
  • Global styling.

Kadence is available with the following pricing options:

  • Kadence Theme: Free
  • Kadence Theme Pro + Blocks + Pro templates: $129/year
  • Kadence Theme Pro + Blocks + Pro templates + Cloud + Child theme + Shop Kit + AMP: $199/year


Blocksy is another Hello theme alternative, with many Woocommerce features. Blocksy is currently ranked as one of the best-performing Wordpress themes. Its main features are:

  • Header builder.
  • Footer builder.
  • WooCommerce: AJAX add-to-cart button, advanced archive, and single product layouts.
  • Trending and related posts module.
  • Cookies Notice and Woocommerce support.

Blocksy Pro

Blocksy offers a Pro theme with the following features:

  • Custom Blocks: Insert script Ads based on the user device, post type, or user type.
  • Content Blocks and Hooks: Create blocks and display them on a list of locations.
Blocksy Content Blocks
Blocksy Content Blocks and Hooks
  • Adobe & Google Fonts.
  • Mega menu.
  • Conditional sidebars, headers, and footers: show only when needed.
  • WooCommerce features: Wishlist.

Blocksy Pro is offered for $69/year and $99/year for unlimited website usage.


GeneratePress offers a free version of its theme with limited usage, but it has the same speed gains as its premium theme. GeneratePress Premium is currently one of the best themes in terms of page speed, as it ranks in the top 3 on the fastest Wordpress themes rank.

GeneratePress Free

  • Custom Layout: full-width or contained divs, etc.
  • Typography.

GeneratePress Pro

  • Site Library: Multiple pre-built themes.
  • Backgrounds: Set background images for various HTML elements.
  • Blog: Set blog options like infinite scroll, masonry layouts, and more.
  • Elements: Use the block editor theme builder, build advanced HTML hooks, Layout control, and control elements page appearance using hooks.
  • Menu Plus: Set up a mobile header, sticky navigation, or off-canvas panel.
  • Secondary Nav: Add fully-featured secondary navigation to your site.
  • Typography, color options.
  • Import / Export layout

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