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3 best ways to convert Adobe XD to WordPress

Last updated on October 18, 2021 | By

Whether you’re building to WordPress or another platform, knowing the downsides and upsides of building a project, is essential for long-term success. We selected the three best ways to convert Adobe XD to WordPress, each with its approximate development cost, page load time, and maintenance cost. These last two ranked from ‘A’ to ‘D’, as ‘A’ is the highest score in the category.

*The listed ratings are approximate figures, you may find out at your discretion what the real numbers and cost are based on your project

Convert using Elementor (theme builder), or Elementor plus a theme

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License cost: starting at $49/year
Development costs: build it yourself, or hire a developer starting at $20 hourly/developer.
Load time: D
Maintenance: A
Highlighted Examples:

Elementor lets you quickly build an Adobe XD design in WordPress, no matter what your skills with web development. But, as highlighted in our article What should I know before using adobe xd to wordpress elementor, it has some limitations.

Even with its limitation, Elementor is being used by industry leaders as part of their stack. It lets your marketing team have full control of the content and even style layout tough elementor global theming settings, no hassle. Finding an Elementor developer to build your design is also easy and straight.

The cost associated with speed optimization may be one of Elementor downsides. As Elementor is a simple drag-in-drop tool, the maintenance cost would be near zero, you could do any changes without assistance from the developer.

Convert using a full theme, we will use the Astra theme


License cost: $47/year
Development costs: build it yourself or hire a developer at $20/hourly.
Load time: B
Maintenance: B
Highlighted Examples:

Astra is a long-time multi-purpose wordpress theme. It has an immense library of pre-built websites.
It claims to be lightweight but by testing Astra’s website landing page you get a 29/70 on Pagespeed. Generatepress.com, for example, scores 75/99.

You can almost fully change your website using some of the Astra theme settings, and save on maintenance costs.

Convert using a starter theme; we will use Sage theme


License costs: Free
Development costs: starts at $35/hourly per developer
Load time: A
Maintenance: D
Highlighted Examples:

Sage is a starter theme from Roots.io, the creators of the WordPress boilerplate tool Bedrock.
A starter theme is an example theme that you build on top of, making your style and layout changes.

Most developers use a starter theme to build a long-term project, and clients choose this kind of theme based on its scaling purpose, a positive tradeoff.

The maintenance costs of custom build themes are high, each edit you ask your developer, even on a contract, can be costly.


Choose your building tool wisely, with a long-term vision of each of the downsides and upsides of building using it. Set up your budget and research previous examples from the developer you’re hiring to avoid bad surprises.