Top 4 AI Website Builders & Tools: Free and Paid

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AI brought hype to all the development areas. Some of those are justifiable, such as copywriting, in which AI makes it pretty easy to write compelling text faster and better.

Is that the case for website builders? Does AI really help build a site with no code?

If you keep hearing about the benefits of AI in web development and never have the time to discover what tools can enhance your workflow, this post will address them.

No matter if you are a seasoned web designer or an experienced dev, AI can help your building process, either in the creative part or in the code part.

You can even go as far as to build an entire website using AI, but as the technology is still new, it can have its drawbacks. Consider only partially building the site using AI tools, to certify the code quality.

Take a look at the best tools to enhance your site-building process.



Relume is an AI tool that enhances and speeds up the development process. Use Relume to either enhance your site mockup if you’re not using Figma or Webflow or enhance the development, as Relume offers built-in export designs to Webflow and Figma.

Their AI tool creates pages with wireframes based on your sitemap, all automated.

Their pricing starts at $38/mo for 3 projects and access to Pro Figma kits.


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RelumeIpsum is a Figma plugin that generates copywriting for anything using AI. Pricing starts at $9/mo for 2k/words.

Elementor AI

Elementor launched its AI product. Create everything even if you aren’t tech-savvy, as the code generated is meant to be copy-pasted.

It’s priced at $3/mo(1 site) or $8,25/mo for multiple sites. You can use it on an Elementor Free website.

AI Prompts Library

Elementor went ahead and created a free prompt library to be used with their AI product. Some examples are:

  • Button’s icon rotates and text moves on hover
  • Help center illustration line art style
  • Colorful pink and blue and gradient background
  • Conditional logic on form fields

Jetpack AI Assistant

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Jetpack AI is a Wordpress block that generates text, tables, and lists based on AI prompts. The free plan offers a quota of 20 requests. Paid starts at $9/mo for 100 requests.

Breakdance AI

Breakdance, a popular Wordpress website builder, recently launched its AI product. It’s currently free until it goes live(out of beta). Their AI plugin features are:

  • One-Click Section Writing
  • Contextual Awareness
  • Individual Element Customization
  • Macro Customization
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Variations

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