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Do you think WordPress is slow and want a better or a free alternative? If so, you’re not alone. WordPress currently has lower Core Web Vitals metrics compared with its alternatives. Core Web Vitals is now a standard for Google in terms of page experience. 

Because of its open-source nature, WordPress is open to any public, making it hard to compete with closed-source private apps that have robust and professional technology stacks on all of their origins(websites).

If you’re looking for a complete website builder solution including hosting, an ecommerce, or a content management system (CMS), take a look at the following list with the WordPress alternatives.

What is Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals Technology report uses field data(live users) to get Core Web Vitals metrics and display the number of passing pages with “Good” CWV metrics per technology. Field data is the one used by Google in the ranking algorithm. The ranking as of June 2022 is as follows:

Wordpress Alternatives origins having good CWV

Core Web Vitals is now a standard for Google regarding page experience. It applies to visual stability, loading, and interactivity experience. Alongside Mobile-friendly, HTTPS, and No intrusive interstitials, they form what Google calls Search Signals for Page Experience, which is to be used as a search ranking algorithm.

An origin is a URL such as ““, either HTTP or HTTPS, and an optional subdomain( No trailing slash (/) or file path (/blog/example-path).

An eligible origin is if it has enough Core Web Vitals CRUx data. A good Core Web Vitals data is a page with a ‘Good’ metric within the 75th percentile of page loads, segmented across mobile and desktop devices, but in this case, it’s filtered by mobile metrics.

If you want to check other WordPress alternatives ranked by TTFB(Time to first byte) click here.


Ghost The simple powerful WordPress alternative

Open source alternative to WordPress that can be installed on a Ubuntu server to self-host.

Ghost Pro offers creator plans including memberships, subscriptions, and newsletters. Takes 0% fees on these services, as it uses Stripe. Ghost Pro also has native SEO, CDN, domain, and free SSL.

Current plans are based on audience, with the following pricing(1 year-plans):

  • Ghost self-hosted: Free
  • 500/members audience, 1/staff, 1/newsletter, 1/membership: $108/year
  • 1000/members audience, 2/staff, 3/newsletter, 5/membership: $300/year
  • 1000/members audience, 5/staff, 10/newsletter, unlimited/membership: $600/year
  • 10k/members audience, unlimited/staff, unlimited/newsletter, unlimited/membership: $2388/year


Duda is a Top WordPress Alternative

Duda is a website builder featuring team collaboration and client management. It can be used as a Woocommerce alternative. Duda offers websites with ready functions such as HTTPS Encryption, hosting, multi-language, and membership. 

Pricing (1-year plans)

  • 1 site + limited library: $168/year
  • 1 site + unlimited library + 4 team collab + client manag./feedback: $264/year
  • 4 sites + unlimited library + 10 team collab + client manag./feedback + email domain + full site export: $396/year

Ecommerce (1-year plans):

  • 100 products + No transaction fee + 40 payment methods. + Realtime shipping rate(UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.): $87/year
  • 2500 products + No transac. fee + 40 payment metho. + Realtime shipping rate(UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.), sell on Amazon: $231/year
  • Unlim. products + No transac. fee + 40 payment metho. + Realtime shipping rate(UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.), sell on Amazon + Square POS: $468/year


Webflow vs. WordPress Discover the WordPress alternative

Webflow is a CMS and ecommerce alternative to WordPress that allows you to build websites without coding. It offers a free plan for starting up your project on the platform until you launch it as a custom domain. Webflow also has Workspace plans featuring team options.

Yearly pricing:

  • 1 site, 1GB/mo bandwidth, domain: Free
  • 1 site, 50GB/mo bandwidth, domain, no database: $144/year
  • 1 site, 200GB/mo bandwidth, domain, 2k items/database, 3 editors: $192/year
  • 1 site, 400GB/mo bandwidth, domain, 1k items/database, 10 editors: $432/year

You can self-host your Webflow website by exporting it, and uploading your files to your server. Flowty offers low-carbon and optimized webflow sites, for 5$/mo.


WordPress vs Shopify

Shopify can be a Woocommerce alternative. 

Shopify has its programming language for developers to build their themes, it’s called Liquid. The Shopify reference theme is called Dawn, built around performance, flexibility, and ease of use. It’s free for unlimited use; click here to see a demo of the Dawn theme.

Shopify also offers other free themes such as Debut and Brooklyn. Shopify has an integrated CDN backed by Fastly and Cloudflare, included in all plans.

If you want to know about Shopify stores’ case studies of success check the BuiltwithShopify website.

Features on all plans:

  • Shopify point of sale – Sell physical with the Shopify POS app.
  • Gift cards & discounts code.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Yearly pricing:

  • Shopify Basic: $348/year with 2,7% + $0.30 each sell with CC
  • Shopify Medium: $948/year with 2,6% + $0.30 each sell with CC
  • Shopify Advanced: $3588/year with 2,4% + $0.30 each sell with CC


Squarespace wordpress alternative

Squarespace is a novice-friendly platform that may require little to no learning to use all of its features.

Squarespace offers a selection of starter templates that will help you kickstart your project. You can use Squarespace to sell, as a Woocommerce alternative.

To build a website you use their block-based builder with drag-n-drop functionality. When building you have a free staging website to test and review any changes, before applying to the live website.

Squarespace ranks in the top 3 with the best TTFB amongst other platforms.

Yearly pricing:

  • 1 site, unlimited/bandwidth, domain, 2/members: $168/year
  • 1 site ecommerce, unlimited/bandwidth, domain, unlimited/members, custom email: $276/year+ 3% each sell
  • 1 site ecomm, unlimited/bandwidth, domain, unlimited/members, custom email, POS app: $324/year+ 0% each sell
  • 1 site ecomm, unlimited/bandwidth, domain, unlimited/members, custom email, POS app, advanced e-commerce options: $588/year+ 0% each sell

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