How to speed up Woocommerce backend

speed up woocommerce backend

When running a Woocommerce store, the backend is as important as the frontend. Every query from customers navigating the store needs to be fast and depends if you have a healthy database.

Cleaning up the database of junky queries is the first step in making the database healthier. You can use Advanced Database Cleaner.

To identify high-resource usage assets in the backend of Woocommerce, install the Query Monitor plugin and check for plugins using many resources, or doing many tasks/actions. High resource usage will appear with red warnings.

CodeProfiler also analyzes your backend performance and provides insights from each plugin installed.

Another way to solve backend issues is using 3-party plugins for crucial parts of your store.

SuperSpeedyPlugins offers three products to speed up and scale these much-needed features:

  • Super Speedy Search:  fast and relevant search results.
  • Scalability Pro: key indexes to speed up slow queries.
  • Super Speedy Filters: WooCommerce filtering plugin.

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