Webflow vs Elementor: What is the best site builder

elementor vs webflow

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Elementor is a tool that leveraged Wordpress to build its website builder. But it has grown beyond Wordpress and now even offers a full hosting solution, similar to Webflow.

Elementor is way more popular than Webflow, even for the top 1 million websites. To be precise, it’s ten times more popular than Webflow in this range.

This also means more third-party plugins that add extra features for Elementor. Also more templates. 

Component Library1Many
Dynamic DataProprietaryACF, Meta, Toolset & Pods
Best Speed✔️
Free versionYesYes

Elementor offers plans starting at $120/year for their hosting for 25k users/month, while in Webflow the initial plan starts at $168/year for 250k users/month.

Elementor also offers a cheap $36/year first year($144/year next year) option, 10k users/month.


Webflow has a class system to save styling information. The UI offers a full class system, with edit, combo, delete, and duplicate options.


This is one of the main difference from Webflow and Elementor, as motly of the styling on Elementor happens in the interface or in the Global CSS styling.

Templates & Components Library

As previously said Webflow works with a class-based styling. Due to that, Webflow has many component libraries, including very popular Relume and Flowbase. Components offer more control of each element.

Elementor has many full website kits, themes and templates, including Themeforest.


Webflow has way better speed than Elementor overall. This is partly because Webflow has a built-in CDN even in the Free plan. This means a faster website loading experience.

But neither product has page speed as a main appeal.


webflow interface
Webflow interface

Webflow is a CMS and website builder alternative to Wordpress that allows you to build websites without coding.

It offers a free plan for starting up your project on the platform until you launch it as a custom domain. Webflow also has Workspace plans featuring team options.


Elementor is one of the most popular ways to build a website quickly and currently powers 10% of all websites on the internet.

Elementor recently started offering hosting solutions bundled with their plugin, starting at only $36/year, or with a Basic plan that includes a Pro plugin for $120/year.

Elementor has made large steps in addressing the performance issue of its plugin and even collaborated with Google contributors to improve it.


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