Alternatives of Relume to Wordpress

Alternatives of Relume to Wordpress

You can use similar Webflow libraries such as Relume, on Wordpress.

The WpAlpha Pattern library offers many sections, including headers, footers, heros, and even full-page patterns(full website) This is currently the only unstyled pattern library. 

These patterns will adhere to the style of your Wordpress theme. 

wp patterns

Patterns on Wordpress can be what components are on Webflow. Therefore the equivalent of Webflow components on Wordpress is Wordpress patterns, or Wordpress blocks.

If you’re building Webflow with components(reusable components) you should familiarize yourself with Wordpress template parts. These are the parts that populate the theme.

In Webflow you import a component and they will auto-import as a component. In Wordpress you need to make that element as a template part(header/footer) or as a synced pattern.

Relume To Elementor library

Skelementor offers a library of Elementor components, including header, footers, navbars, and heroes.


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