Generateblocks Review: How is it build WordPress with blocks

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Generateblocks is a WordPress block editor with 4 features on it. These 4 blocks (container, grid block, headline block, button) are meant to build your WordPress site with flexibility without the need to have a single block for each thing, according to GenerateBlocks.

Each block has full customization on the free plan, including:

  • Typography; Pick from Google or Local fonts with full customization.
  • Spacing, Colors(including Gradients).
  • Background and Background Images.
  • and SVG(can use on buttons). 
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Generateblocks Pro

The Pro plugin has far more customization settings and an option of over 150 templates to speed up your building process. The additional customizations are:

  • Global Styles; create global styles across the website and use them everywhere.
  • CSS effects such as opacity & blend, box-shadow, text-shadow, filters, etc.
  • Background images and gradients to Container blocks.
  • Built your SVG library.
  • Copy-paste styles: copy a style from a block and apply it to another.

To view the library with all of the templates available in GenerateBlocks Pro, click here.

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Generateblocks Free vs Pro: Features comparison

GenerateblocksGenerateblocks Pro
4 blocks; container, grid block, headline block, button✔️
Spacing, Colors(including Gradients)✔️
Background and Background Images✨(Advanced Background and Background Images)
SVG(can use on buttons)✨(Svg Library)
Global Styles
CSS effects
Copy-paste styles
+150 templates

The pricing (1 year) on each product would be as follows:

  • GeneratePress + GenerateBlocks: Free
  • GeneratePress Premium 500 websites $59 + GenerateBlocks Pro $39 1 site: $98
  • GeneratePress Premium 500 websites $59 + GenerateBlocks Pro $99 250 sites: $158

Consider our reflink to buy Generateblocks Pro or GeneratePress Premium.

Generateblocks Alternatives

Taking into consideration Generateblocks is from Generatepress, you may consider a performance theme and a lightweight block plugin as an alternative:

  • Kadence Blocks: $59
  • Kadence Pro $59 + Kadence Blocks $69: $129
  • Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks (needs Gutenberg): Free

Why is WordPress block building important?

As we approached full website editing on WordPress 5.9, building with blocks will become popular and more developers will adapt to this new option to build websites, which keeps the website way faster than website builders but have the user experience to let regular users build their entire website using blocks.

Large websites are now using blocks, including Gutenberg:

Why WP Rocket Chose Gutenberg and How Performance Improved

In this case, they went from Classic Editor to blocks, but many websites are going from website builders to blocks and full website editing, as blocks may offer the same flexibility and easiness to use as website builders.

Many consider it the future of WordPress website development, with new and exciting themes that are born full-website-editing(FSE themes) ready, including a recent theme called Tove, which ranks green on Core Web Vitals metrics.

*Do you have a new theme with full-website-editing, tip us to be added to our posts*

Generateblocks Vs Elementor

The main difference between Generateblocks and Elementor might be the speed advantage of load time that GenerateBlocks have over Elementor. If you building a simple landing page or a simple page layout you may choose to use Generateblocks/Pro.

The advantage of using Elementor is the easiness of building and UI/UX experience from adding elements and custom, advanced layouts, alongside Elementor’s large library and 3rd-party add-ons.

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