Fastest Shopify themes Rank (Real Data)

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Core Web Vitals is here, and it not only gives a website better results in SEO but has also been proven to help increase conversation rates. Choosing a theme with the best Core Web Vitals metrics could give you a large advantage, whether your store sells clothes, books, or anything else.

Check the fastest Shopify themes using Core Web Vitals field data as a base for the rank. Check full results.

Other ranks only test themes with a single run analysis in speed testing tools like Gtmetrix. This method is way more accurate in setting a standard for the fastest Shopify theme.



Arguably the fastest Shopify theme. Has mega-menu and sticky header as main features. From Shopify.


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It has the same loading(LCP) experience as the fastest theme(Craft) but falls apart from the list, as it has the worst CLS. Also from Shopify



It completes the top 3 fastest Shopify, all made by Shopify. Have the second-worst CLS metrics.

Archetype Themes Gem


The fastest non-Shopify-made theme. Gem from Archetype Themes starts at $380 USD pricing. Main features:

  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Store locator
  • Age verifier
  • Countdown timer
  • Color swatches



The most popular Shopify theme(most used theme). Placed at 5th in the fastest rank. Has mega-menu and sticky header as main features.



Placed at 6th in the fastest rank, another theme made by Shopify with a mega-menu and sticky header as main features.

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