Top 7 Core Web Vitals Test tools

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Core Web Vitals is becoming the standard for website performance, user experience, and page load time.

The new Google Page Experience algorithm introduced more accurate metrics such as LCP (largest contentful paint) which represents perceived load speed time. With the introduction of these new metrics, page speed testing isn’t what it used to be.

And for testing all of the new Core Web Vitals metrics, it’s necessary to use a tool where you can emulate your userbase device and connection settings to have closer data of the field data, which is used on the ranking.

Find here a list of the top Core Web Vitals test tools for testing your LCP, CLS, and FID metrics, field, or lab data.

Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed is now hosted on It offers desktop and mobile connections, emulating the following devices/connections:

  • Desktop: Chrome (Headless Chromium), Internet speed of 10,240 Kbps, server near the connection location.
  • Mobile: Chrome Browser, Moto G4, slow 4G connection, server near the connection location.

Pagessped does mainly speed and Core Web Vitals rest. The full Pagespeed features are:

  • Unlimited tests on the fixed device, connection speed, and location configuration.
  • No data retention.
  • Core Web Vitals field data.
Pagespeed new field data section – (Field data is the one used in the Core Web Vitals SEO algorithm)


Webpagetest is a free service for speed and Core Web Vitals tests with paid API plans. The following features are available:

  • Allows multiple devices, internet connections, and locations on the free plan.
  • Inject Script: allows running javascript code.
  • Captures full-page loading video.
  • China(Mainland) locations on the Pro plan(WebPageTest API).
  • Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse test.
  • Detailed asset waterfall.
  • Page URL reports(data retention).
  • Testers queue on the free plan.
  • Have Chrome (stable, beta, canary), Firefox (stable, beta, ESR), Microsoft Edge (dev), and Brave browsers on Pro plans.
  • Pro plans start at $18.75/mo or $15/mo paying annually 1,000 tests/mo limit.

Use Emulate Mobile Browser on the “Chromium” tab to emulate mobile.

image 2
Webpagetest updated its UI with a cleaner interface.

Treo offers a visualization of your Core Web Vitals real-world data(CRUx) through a UI, with access to data such as:

  • Core Web Vitals field data results by country.
  • Core Web Vitals field data results in 28-day or past-year aggregate.
  • Core Web Vitals field data results filtered by origins percentiles: P99, P95, P90, P75, P50, P25.
  • Field data results for experimental metric INTP(Interaction to next Paint), and Web Vitals FCP and TTFB.
treo report


GTmetrix now offers a Core Web Vitals test, with the following features:

  • Allows 1 free URL monitoring with daily, weekly, or monthly email reports(The only available server location is Vancouver, Canada). Pro plans allow more pages for monitoring and hourly emails with reports. Each monitoring spot is a page with location, device, connection speed, etc configuration.
  • Asset waterfall: allow to view the URL asst waterfall, with request’s filtering.
  • 50/week free tests. Pro plans allow more.
  • Data Retention(Page results) up to 3 months for free and more on Pro plans.
  • Testers queue on the free plan.
  • Pro plans start at $13/mo or $10/mo billed at $128 yearly for 3 Monitored slots and a 175/week tests limit.
  • History Graphs; view past reports generated through your account by opening any report.
gtmetrix waterfall
The Gtmetrix waterfall feature shows the asset’s load time


Thinkwithgoogle offers a mobile test in 4G and 3G internet speed devices. It rates your page load time with ‘Good’, ‘Needs Improvement’, and ‘Poor’ ratings. The LCP Core Web Vitals metric defines these.

You will get a detailed report with recommendations to speed up your site(needs email).


LighthouseMetrics offers Lighthouse tests in many regions, and also offers Web Vitals(LCP, CLS, and TBT) tests. It saves your tests into URLs, from both Lighthouse and Web Vitals options.

Their Pro plans(starting at $9/month) offer daily monitoring, members access, and API.

LighthouseMetrics Global Web Vitals metrics test result

Loader is a tool to test server requests and performance. It’s better suited for Woocommerce or e-commerce websites, as many of them may receive more requests simultaneously compared to blogs or other types of websites. offers a free plan with 10,000 clients/test, with 1 target host, and 2 URLs per test. Their paid plans start at $100/month and offer 100,000 clients/test, unlimited target hosts, and 10 URLs per test.

loader test

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