RocketCDN Review: Fast and Reliable

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RocketCDN is Wp Rocket’s CDN. With unique pricing of $8.99 a month and $90/yearly, it offers unlimited CDN traffic(at Wp Media’s discretion). It also offers integration with Wp Rocket.

It is now powered by BunnyCDN which has +112 edge locations worldwide.

The setup is a simple 1 step task, activate it after purchase on the Wp Rocket admin panel CDN tab.

How does RocketCDN help a slow website?

If your site has a lot of CSS, is an eCommerce, or has a customized theme, it will load faster using a CDN, which servers all assets, including images, from many locations around the world. The loading difference compared to serving assets from your server when covering global users is substantial.

The user experience also improves, by rendering pages faster, making the pagination faster. As Google Core Web Vitals is a global metric, you should strive to serve all users with good loading and user experience.

RocketCDN Vs Alternatives

BunnyCDN now powers RocketCDN. BunnyCDN has better speed metrics when compared to almost any CDN alternative. It’s fast and requires no setup, just installing and activating a plugin. Other CDNs will require custom setups.

You may consider the following alternatives for cheaper pricing:

  • Google Cloud CDN(Custom Setup)
  • Azure CDN(Custom Setup)
  • Cloudflare APO (WordPress plugin + Cloudflare Setup): Caches HTML, alongside Cloudflare’s free proxy CDN; $5/month.
  • AWS Cloudfront (Custom Setup). On-demand pricing with a free tier. Check the calculator for estimates.
  • Jetpack (WordPress plugin): Free

For a full list, check our Best Wordpress CDN article.

Rocket CDN vs Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare only proxies the assets at the cache level using its global network of servers, while Rocket CDN servers the static files(CSS/JSS) through its CDN powered by StackPath.

A better comparison would be Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization plugin which serves the static files plus the HTML from its edge servers network. Cloudflare APO is priced at $5/moth.

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