Breakdance vs Bricks: Modern page-builder comparison

breakdance vs bricks

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Breakdance and Bricks are Wordpress page builders trying to take a percentage of Elementor’s success and market share. Their main appeal from Elementor is being faster. And both are way faster.

Winner: Bricks

🛒Best for Woocommerce: Breakdance

✨Largest Template Library Alternative: Elementor

Bricks is becoming more popular than Breakdance, resulting in more community support. This means more layouts/components libraries and templates. But Breakdance isn’t far left behind in this area.

As for templates, the following sites offer Bricks components, layouts, or templates: Bricks Library, Fancy Bricks, and Bricks Template.

For Breakdance: BD Library, Breakdance, and BD Library Awesome.

As mentioned, Bricks is faster than Breakdance. 47% of sites using Bricks have good speed on mobile as of March 2024, while in Breakdance the number is 42%.

By using Bricks or Breakdance instead of Elementor, you can ditch buying premium speed plugins, significantly saving money.

Breakdance offers a free limited version while Bricks only offers a paid version(try it here), the other plans are as follows:

  • Breakdance 1 site $99/y
  • Breakdance 10 sites $199/y
  • Breakdance unlimited sites $299/y
  • Bricks 1 site $79/y
  • Bricks 3 site $149/y
  • Bricks unlimited sites $249/y
  • Bricks lifetime+unlimited sites $599

Both products use a custom interface for their product.

Both offer maximum customization tools. Check the Bricks Academy and Breakdance Documentation for their respective guides and getting started.

Woocommerce Widgets+35+20
3rd-Party Addons4Many
Dynamic DataACF, Meta & ToolsetACF, Meta, Crocoblock, Pods & Toolset
Best Speed✔️
Free versionYesTry it here


breadkdance examples pattern

Breakdance is a new page builder from the creators of page builder Oxygen. Breakdance is built to be fast as the founders say. When comparing a site performance test between both, Breakdance has way better results.

One of the main features of Breakdance is its support for Woocommerce. It comes with +35 Woocommerce widgets, including customizing the cart page, account page, and mini cart.


bricks page builder

Bricks is a page builder with performance in its main features. It creates website pages with full customization yet with a good loading speed. Bricks is Gutenberg compatible. Try it here.

Bricksable is a free plugin that offers 10 elements for the Bricks page builder.

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