2 best ways to improve the security of your WordPress website

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WordPress easily and quickly bootstrap any project. But, when it comes to scaling security, it’s a hard space for non-tech people.

We share some tips for managing your WordPress and improving your security skillset, relieving some of the time to work on the important stuff.

Setup Jetpack to automatically update your plugins

Jetpack has a feature that lets you view for free your plugin and theme updates, on the WordPress.com dashboard. You can click “Update ‘X’ Plugins” to update all plugins. Auto-updates are also available individually for each plugin:

How to efficiently manage my WordPress website

Jetpack tab on WordPress.com dashboard also logs the 20 most recent events on your site, this way you can keep track and analyze your website recent events:

How to efficiently manage my WordPress website 2

All those features are also available on WordPress.com mobile. It’s recommended to backup the website before you make any plugins or themes updates.

Boost your security measures

Installing WordPress security plugins is a good measure to keep your website free from troubles, but removing other resources of breaches is also necessary, which means reinforcing your security measures. Here are 3 tips on improving your WordPress security.

Remove any ‘admin’ username or popular usernames: ‘user’, author names, etc.

This simple measure removes a step for breach. Hackers could get on your website way by brute-forcing by guessing the password, removing this vulnerability of easy wordpress usernames admin will make it harder for them.

Use a complex password and add 2FA on WordPress login.

Use a complex password and add 2fa login to your wp-login page.

Use official plugins with licenses

WordPress is easy to bootstrap your idea and turn it into reality in a few days, but using official and licensed tools is essential. Plugins on alternatives marketplaces or not licensed could come with malware that will either hack your website, install unwanted ads, or worse. A licensed plugin also provides you with security updates, that are essential to keep your website free from malware.

When hiring freelancers to work on your website, it’s the best practice to allocate the license for the plugins, or themes, by yourself, using official venues.

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