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What does having good Core Web Vitals net in SEO terms? Google says:

“[…]for many queries, there is lots of helpful content available. Having a great page experience can contribute to success in Search, in such cases.”

What does having good Core Web Vitals nets in User experience(UX) terms?

On Google’s blog, there are many case studies where improving the Core Web Vitals caused a gain in conversions and other user-experience metrics..

0 – Setup Client Preference

Focus on Chrome and ChromeMobile traffic. Where do your users who convert and give pageviews are from? Do you intend to serve non-converting users, or will 100% prioritize only converting users? Do you use ads?

*Non-customers with slow connections influence the CWV, as the metrics are global.

Do you want to pass only on origin or all pages(origin + all pages with their own data) and fix the issues completely on Search Console?

Define plugin loading preference

Do you want to delay the chat plugin, ads, or engagement plugins(can affect conversions) in favor of better speed?

1 – Collect and aggregate metrics

Depends on the decision above. Collect all URLs with their own data and origin(aggregate of all URLs).

Collect field data for ~2 weeks beforehand is essential to finding and detecting patterns, such as slow-loading users and page outliers. This makes the project more to qualified be successful.

Aggregate performance analytics and use them as the foundation of speed improvements. Use historical field data as a base. Run lab data tests.

Why do you need to collect and aggregate metrics?

Aggregating field data is necessary to identify either an issue within serving a country or a page being an outlier and making a negative impact on the Core Web Vitals.

Most of the current “Pagespeed optimization” projects focus on quick Lighthouse issues. They may last a week and won’t render any improvements at all. They are also more likely to worsen your user experience.

2 – Analyze & Diagnose

With data and metrics, analyze the possible issues to create a plan of action to address them.

Make a plan of action to address issues, and improve metrics.

Find out through the metrics if is possible to get green metrics. The way your theme loads its content can be the reason for bad CLS, and not possible to fix.

3 – Improvements

Set up a staging website to apply code, plugins, and theme improvements.

Compatibility: Your theme and plugins must have compatibility with the tools used. Due to technical limits, hosting, theme, and plugin changes may be needed to get green Core Web Vitals.

LCP and CLS Optimization or Consulting

The LCP optimization or consulting project makes the LCP element load earlier. The CLS optimization or consulting project reduces the cumulative layout shifts to be under the 0.1 seconds threshold. I cannot guarantee it will 100% pass due to external factors.

Both processes involve finding optimizations and making sure these optimization doesn’t interfere with the user experience.

4 – Impact and Monitoring (optional)

It takes at least 28 days to see the full impact on metrics from the day changes are applied.

Measure SEO and other metrics impact after the work(optional). Core Web Vitals have a direct net positive impact on conversion rates.

If you choose to delay JS, we will monitor for possible Javascript errors from live users.

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