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Nitropack vs Wp Rocket: What is the best and cheaper for your website?

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Nitropack and Wp Rocket are plugin solutions aiming at WordPress Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals Optimization. What is the best solution for improving your WordPress website speed and who has the best price?

Nitropack main difference from Wp Rocket might be its CDN solution, but as Wp Rocket offers RocketCDN for $8/mo, it can be an alternative to Nitropack.

Nitropack vs Wp Rocket: features and price comparison

The main difference between Nitropack and Wp Rocket is that Nitropack offers a built-in CDN feature, that stores all your assets on a CDN(Content Delivery Network). Alongside their Script Manager, it offers solid results in WordPress Pagespeed optimization.

Nitropack has a user-friendly interface, which has “optimization levels” allowing you to perform 5 different optimization sets within a single button. Those pre-configured sets are based on lots of trials and errors testing by Nitropack and are defined by how much Nitropack optimizes the website, which may include delaying all javascript, how it’s run the fonts, and other optimization tasks. “Strong” and “Ludricous” optimizations levels need advanced testing, as they may change your layout/functionalities, but offers strong Pagespeed results.

Wp Rocket plus RocketCDN can be a Nitropack alternative. RocketCDN, offers unlimited traffic, while Nitropack is limited to a pageviews limit, according to your plan on both products.

The pricing in 1 year on each product (Nitropack, Wp Rocket + RocketCDN) would be as follows:

  • Nitropack 50.000 pageviews/mo limit(25GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: $210 USD
  • Wp Rocket 1 website license $49 + $96 RocketCDN(unlimited bandwitch) + $99 Imagify 1 year plan: $245 USD
  • Wp Rocket 1 website license $49 + $96 RocketCDN(unlimited bandwitch) 1 year plan: $145 USD
  • Nitropack 5.000 pageviews/mo limit(1GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: FREE
  • Nitropack 200.000 pageviews/mo limit(100GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: $510 USD
  • Nitropack 1.000.000 pageviews/mo limit(500GB max bandwitch), 1 year plan: $1760 USD

Those are approximate figures, each plugin has its features and a different UX approach.

FunctionalityWp RocketNitropack
Delay JS until user-interaction✔️✔️
CDN(Rocket CDN $8/month)✔️
Critical CSS✔️✔️
Cloudflare integration✔️✔️
Database Optimization✔️
Lazyload + Image Optimization + WebP(Imagify $10/mo)✔️
HTML/CSS/JS minification & compression✔️✔️
DNS prefetching, preloading✔️✔️
Remove unused CSS✔️(beta) ✔️ (Reduce Unused CSS)

What is Nitropack and how it works

Nitropack is a CDN + Cache/Performance plugin solution, also described as an all-in-one speed optimization solution. It stores your entire website assets on the cloud to improve all areas of Pagespeed and has a built-in “script manager”, which delays Javascript based on the selected optimization level.

Nitropack stores your entire assets on the CDN, and it can speed up even the worst of websites, and with the power of its script manager, it can offer the highest Pagespeed scores possible. But that comes with a prize, Nitropack may lower your CLS and LCP if you use it incorrectly.

Nitropack: Core Web Vitals results

Google Pagespeed doesn’t check or have a user-interaction feature to give your website a real-world testing experience, and because of that, you must ensure you’re passing Core Web Vitals field data.

If you’re passing the lab data with Nitropack using the script manager, you must also test locally with the Core Vitals extension and/or set up Cloudflare Web Analytics to get field data and certify you’ve passed the field data.

Nitropack reviews 2021

Nitropack reviews from the WordPress plugin and Trustpilot currently range from medium to good rating. Most of the bad-rated reviews are from the above-cited issue, where Nitropack is considered doing “Black Hat SEO” for the way it advertises its service.

Check our Nitropack review here.

Whats is Wp Rocket and how it works

Wp Rocket is an open-source developed plugin. WpRocket has RocketCDN as an option for a CDN service, priced at $8 monthly to speed up all your assets, similarly to Nitropack.

Wp Rocket has strong technical documentation, detailing each of its features with a page including examples, and in some features, it adds issues debugging, with a guide of how to solve the issues. Alongside its strong and immense development community, covering the most edge cases from regular users.

If you haven’t bought Wp Rocket yet, consider using my reflink for a +10% discount.

Wp Rocket: Core Web Vitals results

With the new 3.9 version update of Wp Rocket, you must also make sure you’re passing field data testing locally with the Core Vitals extension and/or set up Cloudflare Web Analytics to get field data since Wp Rocket now delays all Javascript but not internal javascript files/Jquery/inline scripts.

Check our Wp Rocket review here.

RocketCDN, the WP Rocket’s plugin CDN

RocketCDN is Wp Rocket CDN product. With a unique price of $8 a month, it offers unlimited CDN traffic(at Wp Rocket discretion). It also offers integration with Wp Rocket. Rocket CDN is powered by StackPath which has 45 edge locations around the world.

RocketCDN setup is a simple 1 step task, just activate it after purchase on the Wp Rocket admin panel CDN tab. It also offers integration with Cloudflare.

Can I use Nitropack with Wp Rocket?

No, you cannot since they have identical functionalities that would cause conflicts.

Nitropack vs Cloudflare: How does they compare and integration

Nitropack and Cloudflare are products with different use cases, although Cloudflare currently offers competing products of Nitropack such as Automatic Platform Optimization(APO). Nitropack offers integration with Cloudflare proxy at the cache level.

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