Smush vs Imagify vs Optimole: What is the best and cheaper?

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Imagify, Smush, and Optimole are plugins with the intent of optimizing your WordPress website images resulting in improved performance and load time. What product is the best choice for your plugin stack?

What should you choose to get the best of and improve your website? We compare the plugins features and offer you insights for deciding what is the best choice for you.

Smush vs Imagify vs Optimole: Pricing and feature comparison

All plugins offer support for WEBp format, with Imagify and Optimole offering WebP conversion for free. Smush offers WebP conversion only on Pro plans.

As the popularity of AVIF grows, so does the browser supporting, but Imagify does not support it yet. You can track when it will be added following this Github issue. Smush also doesn’t support AVIF, track the development of it here. Optimole also lacks support for AVIF.

Considering the current numbers, a 1-year time span pricing on each product would be as follows:

  • Imagify 1 year plan(unlimited traffic): $100 USD
  • Imagify 1 year plan(500MB max/mo traffic limit): $50 USD
  • Smush 1 year plan(10GB max/mo traffic limit): $60 USD
  • Optimole 1 year plan (25,000 visits/mo limit) : $240 USD

Those are approximate figures, each plugin has its own features.

.WEBp support✔️(Free Conversion) ✨ (Pro plans) ✔️(Free Conversion)
Image Optimization✔️ (Free + Unlimited) ✔️ (Free + Unlimited)
Optimize images(size) up to32GB
.AVIF support


Imagify is one of the products from Wp Media, the creators of the Wp Rocket plugin. You will be getting the development touch of the leaders from the WordPress community. It had more than 6 million downloads.


Optimole is a plugin that currents offer up to 5,000 Visits/monthly on their free CDN image optimization service. Optimole had more than 1 million downloads.


Smush is a well-known plugin in the image optimization field, offering free features for WordPress users. It had more than 30 million downloads from the WordPress plugin repository.

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