How to Improve TTFB and Speed up WordPress Website

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Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the time your server takes to make the request to your page load. It has a lot of technicalities as to what goes into all the requests for the page starting load, but you can test your TTFB with Bytecheck or WebPageTest.

Since TTFB is a server and backend matter, you could consider optimizing these two. Take a look below for top tips to improve your TTFB.

Cloudflare DNS

Setup Cloudflare on your domain to leverage Cloudflare DNS and get your response time slower. Cloudflare setup requires changing your domain DNS records.

Cloudflare APO

Cloudflare Automatic Optimization is a new tool to improve WordPress TTFB. Cloudflare made a study and concluded that APO optimized their WordPress client’s websites TTFB for a 72% improvement.

Not only that, but their clients FCP(First Content Paint) and Speed Index had an improvement of 22% and 13% respectively. Cloudflare APO setup requires changing your domain DNS records.

Cloudflare currently offers Automatic Platform Optimizations (APO) for 5$/mo, and it caches the HTML of your WordPress website. This is possible due to Cloudflare Workers that cache dynamic content.

“Automatic Platform Optimization consistently demonstrated better aggregate performance among sites we analyzed in TTFB, First Paint, FCP, and LCP metrics. Even more impressive are improvements on both desktop and phone form factors.”

Cloudflare’s blog

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Cloudflare APO is compatible(you need to manually purge Cloudflare APO cache) with WP Rocket and many other plugins, check the compatibility here.

Consider a better hosting or upgrade plan

Quickly check if your site has a bad TTFB using Bytecheck or WebPageTest. An ideal TTFB metric is the loading below 300ms, with 300ms to 500ms considered slow. Above 500ms is very slow.

You don’t necessarily need to move from your hosting, you can simply test by buying a plan with better hardware, memory, or CPU.


CDN alleviates your server requests by loading from a specific server meant to deliver static assets. Consider the following CDN for your WordPress:


Nitropack is a CDN + Cache/Performance plugin solution, also described as an all-in-one speed optimization solution. It stores your entire website assets on the cloud to improve all areas of Pagespeed and has a built-in “script manager”, which delays Javascript based on the selected optimization level.

Nitropack 1-year plans:

  • Nitropack 50.000 pageviews/mo limit(25GB max bandwidth), 1 year plan: $199 USD
  • Nitropack 5.000 pageviews/mo limit(1GB max bandwidth), 1 year plan: FREE
  • Nitropack 200.000 pageviews/mo limit(100GB max bandwidth), 1 year plan: $485 USD
  • Nitropack 1.000.000 pageviews/mo limit(500GB max bandwidth), 1 year plan: $1672 USD


RocketCDN is a Wp Rocket CDN product. With a unique price of $8 a month, it offers unlimited CDN traffic(at Wp Rocket’s discretion). It also offers integration with Wp Rocket. Rocket CDN is powered by StackPath which has 45 edge locations around the world.

Consider buying Rocket CDN with our reflink

Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon’s CloudFront has 205 edge locations on 6 continents. The setup can be tricky for some users, consider it when picking a product. Amazon Cloudfront has a free tier(limited), and On-Demand plans.

Get your Core Web Vitals optimized

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