Wordpress Core Web Vitals Optimization to pass Core Web Vitals on field data.

We improve your website to pass the Core Web Vitals on field data

Why you should improve your Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals is here, and it not only makes a website have better results in SEO but also has been proven to help increase conversation rates.

To prove that the Page Experience goes beyond SEO, Google routinely aggregates case studies of large websites leveraging the metrics improvement process and their positive impact on overall business metrics.

Rakuten 24’s investment in Core Web Vitals resulted in increased revenue per visitor by 53.37% and conversion rate by 33.13%

Google says: “For many queries, there is lots of helpful content available. Having a great page experience can contribute to success in Search, in such cases.”

Improving Core Web Vitals on the Mail.ru home page resulted in a 10% increase in conversion rates

Case Studies

saints and sinners brand logo 500x250 1 jpg

Core Web Vitals


We audited Saintsinner’s ecommerce with Lighthouse and found a lot of room to optimize its speed.

After applying them, the site improved LCP by +55% and now passes the metrics.

leapfin logo

Core Web Vitals


We consulted with Leapfin and found that the way they used combine CSS/JS was negatively affecting slow connections and the overall CWV.

After removing combine feature and applying other optimizations, the site improved mobile LCP by 22% and now passes the metrics.

image 23

Core Web Vitals


Mifire.com.au was paying for a Shopify speed optimization app for months and never passed the Core Web Vitals.

We removed the speed app and after applying our optimizations, the site improved LCP and CLS to pass the metrics.

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