Core Web Vitals Consulting & Auditing

Wpalpha Core Web Vitals Auditing Service

Collaborating with your development team/solo on improving Core Web Vitals, in any particular website platform or framework.

Full CWV audit using industry-standard reporting for maximum results. Core Web Vitals monitoring(post-project results).

Click here for demo Core Web Vitals auditing document.

I will be working and collaborating to detect Core Web Vitals optimizations across the pages and instruct your developer on how to improve/fix them. Or hire me for a complete WordPress Core Web Vitals optimization service.

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What makes a WordPress Speed Optimization Service a good deal?

Many services and freelancers(Upwork) don’t have results on the new and real ranking algorithm, Core Web Vitals. 

Having results in Core Web Vitals will guarantee you the boost on mobile and desktop in the Google Page Experience SEO algorithm, once the pages pass the metrics.

Many services also only use a ‘trick’ to delay javascript execution to score on Pagespeed, or even simply use the infamous HTTP lighthouse headers trick to score on Pagespeed, which caught many small-website owners off-guard, paying hundreds of dollars for a simple line of code intended to trick.

Core Web Vitals & Pagespeed Case Studies

Wpalpha is the only WordPress service with verified Core Web Vitals field data.

Project #1

Elementor Logo Full Red

One of the largest independent country music artists’ websites.

Had abysmal Core Web Vitals, now passes on desktop and mobile metrics.

flowXO colour 2
Elementor Logo Full Red

Flowxo improved its Core Web Vitals to pass all the 3 metrics(LCP, CLS, and FID) on most of the pages

branded logo
Elementor Logo Full Red

We improved the Core Web Vitals for all pages and had 100% green metrics on Search Console.

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