Case Study- Private Project #1

The Problem

In this project, our client had a poor Pagespeed score and failed on all Core Web Vitals metrics.

Update October 2022: Our client now has “Good” Core Web Vitals on origin(aggregate of all pages) on both mobile and desktop:

image 4
Mobile 28-day average
image 5
Desktop 28-day average

The client uses Elementor as their main theme, and we managed a Core Web Vitals optimization solution that upgraded to pass on all desktop Core Web Vitals metrics from 4.5 LCP seconds before the optimization, as Elementor loads a large chunk of files.

Before the optimization:

image 7
The client had 4.5 seconds aggregate of LCP

After the optimization:

image 8
The client now has 2.3 seconds aggregate of LCP

The Solution

We used a lot of techniques such as preloading (the correct way) to improve the overall website Core Web Vitals.

During testing, we found that lazyload wasn’t compatible with one of the client sliders, and recommended he change to a better approach.

While functionality testing, we found one of the modals wasn’t working with delay JS, we removed the file causing the issue from delaying and fixed it, still using delay js.


The client received a detailed changelog with all changes and also a recommendation file.

The client had explosive growth of organic traffic after the optimization and the Core Web Vitals 28-day averaged green:

image 9
image 12