Branded Bridge Line had a low scoring on Pagespeed, and bad Core Web Vitals.

Update 07/2021: Our client now has 100% of pages with good core web vitals and page experience:

image 4

Branded Bridge Line uses Elementor as their main theme, and we managed a Pagespeed optimization solution that upgraded to +95 on the desktop while also improving its Core Web Vitals, as Elementor loads a large chunk of files. Jump to Core Web Vitals results.

Before the optimization:

image 6

After the optimization:

FireShot Capture 178 PageSpeed Insights
FireShot Capture 175 PageSpeed Insights

Core Web Vitals

Overall, Branded “Good” LCP improved 9% across all devices(mobile, desktop). The optimization project was done in February. Take a look at Branded Crux report here.

core web vitals phone

Branded “Good” CLS across all devices improved almost 25%:

core web vitals phone 1

Web Vitals

Branded improved the “Onload” event, which is when the page and its dependent resources have finished loading; 86% of the pages have a ‘good’ OL, up from 58%:

core web vitals phone 2