Best WordPress Plugins To Improve Core Web Vitals 2022

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Core Web Vitals is a hot topic in the SEO community. Everyone wants to get their WordPress optimized to gain the SERP boost of Google.

We selected a plugin list to help you improve your WordPress site for the upcoming Google Page Experience signals update, including paid and free plugins.

Wp Rocket

All in one performance solution, Wp Rocket has added features that directly improve your Core Web Vitals, such as Reduce Unused CSS, and better Javascript Delay Execution logic, which now delay all non-essential Javascript until user-interaction.


A plugin solution that can be used with a caching plugin to improve asset loading and some minor WordPress improvements, such as dequeue unused dashicons css.

Jetpack Boost

Jetpack Boost is a new plugin from Jetpack which aims to improve your web vitals scores for better SEO. It has 3 functions:

1- Optimize CSS Loading which generates Critical CSS for your homepage, posts, and pages. Generating critical CSS is critical to improving your Core Web Vitals and this plugin does it for free.

2- Defer Non-Essential Javascript, which moves javascript after the page loads, to improve load time. See our blog piece on how to remove unused javascript.

3- Lazy Image Loading.

All those 3 functions enabled will help you improve your Core Web Vitals.

Flying Scripts

Delay your javascript(remove unused javascript) after a user interaction for free with Flying Scripts. It has been actively developed and new user interactions such as mouse wheel have been added.

Delaying non-essential javascript is a fundamental move on improving your Core Web Vitals.

WP Featherlight Disabled

A better version of WP Featherlight, WP Featherlight Disabled allows you to enable jQuery lightbox functionality to your images only when necessary.

Child Theme Configurator

Configure your child’s theme for safely editing your WordPress theme. Child Theme Configurator automatically determines the correct way to set up a child theme based on the theme you are using.

This is also an important plugin to help with your Core Web Vitals, as incorrectly styling your theme can cause higher CLS(Cumulative Layout Shift).


Imagekit is an image CDN and optimization plugin. It helped our website at the beginning when we used an image on the header to pass the Core Web Vitals LCP on green, tough their Free 20GB CDN plan.

The setup takes few minutes, and you will have a unique URL for your website images:*your-unique-url*/*your-image-.png*. The plugin automatically optimizes the images and serves them in a next-gen format including WebP.


Can i use Perfmatters and Wp Rocket?

Perfmatters and Wp Rocket can be used together to maximize their features and improve Pagespeed/Core Web Vitals.

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