4 Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Free)

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Have you gone try to edit your WordPress, messed with the design, and couldn’t get back to original styling because you didn’t have a backup? We have your back now!

We selected the best and free available wordpress backup plugins in 2021, so you can edit and test your WordPress website multiple times without worrying about a messed move.


UpdraftPlus lets you backup plugins, themes, uploads and /wp-content/ folders. UpdraftPlus main dashboard lets you exclude files within the uploads and /wp-content folders, so you don’t backup unnecessary files:


You can also save the backup to many options and split it between locations using their add-on.

Updraft has a “Take a Tour” feature on the plugin interface that makes it very “newbie-friendly”, it guides you through the plugin’s features with detailed instructions. It has an active development and multiples updates this year.

image 1
Updraft newbie-friendly user interface tour


Duplicator lets you build packages backups. It scans your website and presents the files available for backup.

image 2

Duplicator lets you download a file with all the backup files or with an “installer” that lets you restore the backup using their solution.

image 3

Duplicator had 2 updates this year and 1 vulnerability in the last year.

File Manager

File Manager offers free backup for themes files, plugins files, uploads folder, and database data on the server.

WP File Manager offers database and all files backup. It also lets you individually backups plugins, themes, uploads, and others(any directories inside /wp-content) folders.

image 4

File Manager has been actively updated this year. One amendment is that File Manager had 2 vulnerabilities in the last year.


BackWPup has an approach to backups as “jobs”. It offers database backup, file backup, WordPress XML export, and installed-only plugins backup. After creating the job you run it and it creates the backup.

image 5

BackWPup had no updates this year and had the last update in November 2020.

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