Wp Rocket vs Autoptimize: Who does have better features

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Wp Rocket might be worth the price for you if you’re improving Core Web Vitals, especially LCP, as Autoptimize charges for the Critical CSS feature($5/mo). 

WP Rocket has quite a lot more features than Autoptimize Pro, including Remove Unused CSS and New Delay Unused Javascript. The new Delay JS feature makes it easier for non-developers to optimize their websites without causing errors.

image 2
Wp Rocket improved Delay JS features

Wp Rocket also has a friendly database optimization feature that allows removing junk database tables and comments within a single click.

Autoptimize has other features on its Pro version, available at $79/year, but even that it doesn’t compare to WP Rocket. At $59/year Wp Rocket might be a better choice.

FunctionalityAutoptimize FreeAutoptimize ProWp Rocket
Friendly interface✔️
Tools to improve Core Web Vitals LCP✔️✔️✔️
Tools to improve Core Web Vitals CLSCritical CSS and Remove Unused CSS filters
Delay Javascript until user-interaction✔️✔️
CDN(Bunny CDN)(Bunny CDN)(Bunny CDN)
Critical CSS($5mo)✔️✔️
Cloudflare integration✔️
Cloudflare APO integration
Database Optimization(Db Cleaner)(Db Cleaner)✔️
Lazyload + Image Optimization + WebP(Imagify $10/mo)
CSS/JS minification & compression✔️✔️✔️
Preconnect, preloading✔️✔️✔️
Remove unused CSS✔️
Free version✔️✔️

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