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WordPress Speed Consultant

Collaborating with your development team/solo on improving your WordPress website.

Full speed audit using industry-standard reporting for maximum results.

Monitor your speed afterward.

I will be working and collaborating to detect speed optimizations across the pages and instruct your developer on how to improve/fix them. Or simply hire me for a complete WordPress speed optimization service.

I will be able to offer complex solutions to complex requirements, services, and products.

Hire WordPress Speed Consultant

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How is Wpalpha’s WordPress Speed Optimization process?

We take performance seriously.

With years of research, we perform what is necessary to optimize your website. More than 50 performance tasks are done on the Core Web Vitals project, including:

  • Javascript Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • CDN setup
  • Advanced lazyload
  • Critical CSS setup
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Preload

We use industry top plugins. No bloat or unnecessary coding.

Recent Successful Projects

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Flowxo had Core Web Vitals issues, with ‘poor’ mobile LCP and CLS metrics. Flowxo uses Elementor as a theme.

We improved their Core Web Vitals to pass all the 3 metrics(LCP, CLS, and FID) on most of the pages.

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Brandedbridgeline.com had a low Pagespeed score. After our optimization, it’s scoring 97 using the Elementor theme.

We improved the Core Web Vitals for all pages and had 100% green metrics on Search Console.

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Breatheeasyins.com had a website with a low Pagespeed score and didn’t pass in any Core Web Vitals metric.

After our optimization, it’s passing all Core Web Vitals and score 90/100.

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Wpalpha uses GeneratePress Premium and blocks.

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