How to use WpAlpha Patterns

How do I use the patterns?

Use the button copy that appears on every pattern page. A code will be copied.

Open a Wordpress site and a page. Add a “Custom HTML” block. Paste the code on the “Custom HTML” block, press the 3 dots, and “Convert to Blocks”. The pattern will be rendered.

image 2

You can test a pattern here.

What “Requires: Twentig” means?

It means you need to install the free Twentig plugin to fully use the pattern, or the Twenty Twenty-Four theme with a pre-defined style.

You can also use it without it.

How to use a header/footer different from WpAlpha’s pattern?

Delete the group block that represents the header/footer in the editor.

image 3

After that, configure the header/footer with the theme you want.

How to use the WpAlpha pattern header?

Copy and then delete the block that represents the header.

image 4

Go to Appearance > Editor > Templates > Pages. Edit the template, and delete the current header template part in use.

image 5

Paste the header block you copied that represents the header.

After pasting, click “Create template part” > Header, and create. The new menu will now apply to the template “Pages”. Edit every other template with the same tutorial to apply the new menu.

image 6

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